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Patti Smith on Art (and Authenticity)

“(A lot of art) I see lacks soul, they might be clever, or well done, but it’s like the difference between listening to Theola Kilgore or one of the great R&B singers then having to listen to Britney Spears. Somebody like Jeff Koons I think is just litter upon the earth, I look at his stuff and I’m appalled, I
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Underrated Canadian artist: Marcelle Ferron

Québécoise painter Marcelle Ferron was a member of Les Automatistes, a group, led by Paul-Emile Borduas, that believed that painting should be a result of the abstract workings of the inner psyche released subconsciously. Marcelle Ferron. Image: She became well known also for her stained glass pieces, which she learned in Quebec and pursued further while living in Paris
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Toronto: “Best Show in Years”

Daniel Borins and Jennifer Marman: Project for a New American Century 28 January – 29 March 2009 Art Gallery of York University, Toronto A curator friend of ours, whose opinion we value, called this show “the best thing I’ve seen in Toronto in years..” The first gallery. Image:

News: AGO Revenue Falls Short of Expectations

Any thoughts on this article from today’s Globe and Mail? Facing a huge revenue shortfall, and with too few people passing through its doors, the Art Gallery of Ontario is considering laying off 61 permanent and 47 contract employees next month…. The view from the back. Image: ..Less than three weeks before the end of its fiscal year, AGO
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Thoughts on the Art Economy

The more we’ve been thinking about the current state of the art market, the more we’re growing tired of it. Now that the economy is providing a much-needed shakedown in the art world, VoCA says it’s time to re-think where the value of art stems from. Value doesn’t come from some clever young art school grad who comes up with
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Sobey Art Prize Longlist & Nuit Blanche Toronto Curators Announced

1. Canada’s $70,000 Sobey Art Award has announced its longlist Stay tuned for the shortlist announcement on May 1. Ilan Sandler, Tactlility, 2005. Image: WEST COAST AND YUKON Rhonda Weppler & Trevor Mahovsky; Luanne Martineau; Keith Langergraber;Evan Lee; Julie York PRAIRIES AND THE NORTH Paul Butler; Marcel Dzama; Sarah Anne Johnson; Jon Pylypchuk; AltheaThauberger ONTARIO Shary Boyle; Christian Giroux
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A Performance, A Screening & 2 Talks

TORONTO 2 of 2 Gallery Jeremy Bailey: Machine Ego Saturday, March 14, 6-7 pm Jeremy Bailey, still from VideoPaint 3.0. Image: For his first solo show at 2 of 2 Gallery, Jeremy presents some of his most recent works including Video Terraform Dance Party, VideoPaint 3.0 and SOS, alongside new works. In these new videos Bailey continues his research
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Women’s Art

VoCA is a big champion of art made by women, that style of post-feminist work that is ultimately about the experience of being female. Some of our favorite artists are Toronto-based Gunilla Josephson, Pipilotti Rist, Judy Chicago (currently showing in Toronto), Vancouver’s Gathie Falk and many others. Gunilla Josephson, stills from Invasions. Images: Here’s an FT article on several
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VoCA Recommends…João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva at Mercer Union, Toronto

João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva: MAGNETIC RESONANCE ON ABISSOLOGIC EXPERIMENTS Mercer Union, Toronto March 06 – April 18, 2009 Get a preview of the artists who will represent Portugal at this year’s Venice Biennale. João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva, Colombo’s Column, 2006. 16-millimeter film, 3:02 min. Image: This duo blends early silent cinema, archaeological dig, and late-60s
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On Design: Time for a change?

HERE is Designboom’s preview of Milan’s furniture fair – arguably the best, most prestigious event of its kind in the world. While we’re looking forward to the beautiful objects by emerging young designers, we’re a little uncomfortable. Now that the ideas behind Bruce Mau’s ahead-of-its-time exhibition MASSIVE CHANGE are filtering into public consciousness and ‘cradle-to-cradle‘ is becoming a more popular,
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