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One to Watch: Brendan Flanagan

Recently decamped from Toronto’s excellent Le Gallery to Angell, we like Brendan Flanagan’s ‘jolie laide’ aesthetic. We also like how his modelly use of paint bears some similarity to the Group of Seven‘s thick sketches. And we think this young painter is one to watch.

Brendan Flanagan, Owl, 2009. Acrylic enamel on wood. Image: angellgallery.com

Glenn Brown, Some Velvet Morning When I’m Straight I’m Going to Open Up Your Gates, 2007.
Image: gagosian.com

Brendan Flanagan, Revenant, 2009. Enamel on wood. Image: angellgallery.com

But it’s how his rather ugly, turbulent paintings tap into a similar vibe as you get from Glenn Brown’s work, only not so extreme (or nearly as sophisticated) that is great. For now, anyway, it feels good to look at a young painter on an unusual path.

Flanagan was – if we recall correctly – Kim Dorland‘s studio assistant, and Dorland is repped by Angell, so perhaps the move to Angell was destined to happen.

One of the best things about Kim Dorland’s work is that he’s not afraid to push it to extremes, no matter what the outcome. This is precisely what makes Brown’s work so great and incites an extreme – and surprising – reaction in the viewer. Hopefully Flanagan will do the same, otherwise, his work will suffer.

Brendan Flanagan is represented by Angell Gallery, Toronto, where he’s in a group show of works on paper opening this Saturday. Click HERE.

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