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The Chinese Art Bubble has Burst…

..Long Live Chinese Art!

Recent news articles have told of the Chinese art market suffering, falling from the dizzying heights of just a few years ago. It’s an interesting thing to witness from a truly hyped art scene where much work was awkward, and not all that great, even as it reflected political issues and the rise of the new China.

We wonder what Charles Saatchi, who invested considerably in Chinese art, will make of the readjustment and whether (or when) he will dump his Chinese works at auction. (His show in London, The Revolution Continues: New Art from China, was panned by British critics).

Read today’s full article from Reuters HERE, and recent articles in the New York Times and the Globe and Mail.

4 Responses to “The Chinese Art Bubble has Burst…”

  1. Steve "economic downturn" Jobs says:

    yeah, no wonder – video art selling for six figures is absolutely nuts…(from insider reports)…
    but you make it sound like an isolated thing,as if the chinese art world is isolated, as if much canadian or american or whatever is not awkward…

  2. daniel says:

    I agree with Steve; in fact I find your post quite racist. Even if the art scene were hyped, your words and tone reveal a position that views Chinese art and expression as inherently inferior and undeserving. “Long live Chinese art!” – I hear bitterness and condescension in your words. Read: “At last, the yellow terror is over! They’ve been put back in their place.”

  3. Andrea says:

    Whoa. I took the “Long Live Chinese Art…” directly from the article in Reuters.

    I don’t think it’s racist for me to give my opinion – shared by several UK critics, btw – that much contemporary Chinese work was overrated, and awkward. I’ve been looking at contemporary Chinese art for a long time, since I first noticed it (at Documenta in 1996, maybe?) and it a lot of it has, and continues to strike me as harsh and jarring to my western aesthetic sensibilities. It may be important, and being produced at an interesting moment, but that doesn’t make it all good art.

  4. Andrea says:

    And of course, there is loads of terribly awkward work in North America…

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