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We’ve written a lot about the excellent public performance group Improv Everywhere HERE, and about one of our favorite films, the Spanish mock-umentary Noviembre HERE, in which street theatre performers tread a dangerous line between reality and fiction (In once case, a performer feigns collapse and the unknowing public calls an ambulance in desperation).

This past weekend, we received THIS video, in which performers break into a fantastically kitsch song-and-dance rendition of Do-Re-Mi from the Sound of Music, charming an unsuspecting public in Antwerp station.

The Sound of Music in Antwerp station. Image: theinspirationroom.com

Now that artists are taking to the streets more than ever in ways not specifically revealed as art projects, we wonder what the effects of this trend will be.

In Toronto, Darren O’Donnell’s latest project is Parkdale Public School vs. Queen Street West 2: Eat the Street, a critical dinner series. Click HERE to read our interview with O’Donnell. The series of dinners allows the public to join public school kids as they (the kids) critique the restaurants along Queen Street West.

Image: twitter.com/darrenodonnell

In Montreal, Concordia students are involved in 2X4X22, an exhibition on wheels in which 2 feet by 4 feet art-carts designed and crafted by students will disperse throughout the city, engaging with the pedestrian public and negotiating urban space as they go. It’s billed as “ as much an action as it is an exhibition.”

Click HERE for more info.

What does it mean for art now that gallery and museum walls don’t seem to matter? What happens to the value of art? It seems that on one hand, it’s the democratization of art that has been a long time coming. On the other, if art can occur anywhere and in any context and by anyone, what will become of artists? And the art market?

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