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Droog Design at the Milan Salone

The Milan furniture fair opens this month from April 22 to 27, and one project by Dutch conceptual design legends Droog intrigues us.

At first glance, the point of this House of Furniture Parts isn’t clear, but the underlying idea of function (slightly) over form is a good one.

Design can – should – solve problems.

According to the press release, HoFP allows “the functionability and character of the house to be changed as more or less furniture is used…(it) can be made to suit different functions, produced locally and customized.

The HoFP. Image: Droog.com

Imagine the possibilities for the HoFP in third world countries, where the planks could be flat packed and shipped, unfolded to provide shelter, chairs and tables for schoolkids, particularly in hot, arid climates. They could even be made from cradle-to-cradle* material, for temporary use.

Droog is also presenting work by FormaFantasma (Andrea Trimarchi & Simone Farresin), Chris kabel, Studio Nacho Carbonell, Luc d’Hanis & Sofie Lachaert, NL Architects, Nadia Pedreschi and NEXT Architects.

*Cradle-to-cradle: a holistic economic, industrial and social framework that seeks to create systems that are not just efficient but essentially waste free.

The exhibition will be open from April 22 – 26th, at Via Alserio 22, Milan.

Click HERE for Droog’s website and info on their new New York store.

Click HERE for information on this year’s Milan Furntiure Fair.

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