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VoCA Recommends…3 exhibitions: Vancouver, Edmonton, Oakville

1. NEXT: A Series of Artist Projects from the Pacific Rim
Reece Terris: Ought Apartment
Vancouver Art Gallery
May 6 – September 20, 2009

Reece Terris, Concept drawing for Ought Apartment. Image: architecturewanted.blogspot.com

Vancouver artist Reece Terris is building a 60-foot architectural installation straight up through the heart of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Ought Apartment is an “apartment tower” with six full-sized residences stacked on top of each other, each dedicated to a decade of décor between 1950 and 2000. With an opening date of May 6, 2009, Terris and his crew are hard at work in the Gallery building what will be the largest sculptural installation ever created at the museum.

Click HERE for Reece Terris’ website, and HERE for the VAG.

Reece Terris is represented by Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver.

2. POLAROIDS: Attila Richard Lukacs and Michael Morris
Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton
Continuing through May 18, 2009

Attila Richard Lukacs, St. Gerome, 12 Polaroid photographs. Image: preview-art.com/the artist

In this exhibition, VoCA favorite Attila Richard Lukacs showcases over 3,000 Polaroid photographs taken over the past twenty years. While internationally known for his monumental paintings, Lukacs has also been creating small, intimate Polaroid photographs that, in many cases, served as studies for his larger works. In a unique artistic collaboration, the photographs were selected and assembled by fellow artist Michael Morris and offer a new look into Lukacs’ working process.

Click HERE for more on Lukacs, and HERE for the Art Gallery of Alberta.

3. NOVEL IDEAS: Adam David Brown, Ian Carr-Harris, Brian Dettmer, Paul de Guzman, Alexandre Itin, Nicholas Jones,
Georgia Russell, Robert The
Oakville Galleries
Continuing through 31 May 2009

Paul de Guzman, Proposed Layout for S.A. (Sian Armajani), 2003. Image: artnet.com

In today’s world that feeds on convenience, archival impulses and a constant desire for instant gratification, books have become endangered. In this exhibition, artists create tangible forms that demonstrate the book’s practical use: to be consumed, absorbed, and eagerly explored by inquiring minds and willing hands.

According to the release, “Books become snapshots of a specific time and place, not only in the stories they tell, but through their very bindings and typefaces, even by the distinct telltale aroma that only the most time-worn novels can possess.”
Books are slashed, cut, dissected and extracted from themselves to reveal new meaning.

For more on the exhibition, please click HERE.

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