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The Conservatives Taketh Away, and the Conservatives Giveth

After the Conservative government made $44.8-million cuts to the arts last year, they have slowly been re-injecting money into other cultural programs.

We can see their standpoint – that they need to get value from their money, and that they cut programs that weren’t working as well and support those that do – but we’re curious what you think.

We saw the excellent King Lear at Stratford. Image: stage-door.org

The Toronto International Film Festival sent out three press releases crowing about the $3 million from the federal government, a grant “aimed at attracting new film lovers to experience Toronto”. Today’s Globe and Mail reports that the Stratford festival and the Calgary Stampede have also gotten funding.

“Stratford’s announcement was one of eight Monday as the federal government doled out the first $17-million from its two-year, $100-million Marquee Tourism Events Program (MTEP), announcing separate cash injections of up to $3-million for some of Canada’s flagship cultural attractions, including $2.1-million for the Shaw Festival, $2-million for the Calgary Stampede and $3-million for the Toronto International Film Festival.”

Read the full article HERE.

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