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Seeing Ghosts: 9/11 and the Visual Imagination

Karen Engle’s book Seeing Ghosts: 9/11 and the Visual Imagination takes an intriguing, and – she argues – much needed look at the artworks and ephemera that surrounded September 11.

Eric Fischl, Tumbling Woman. Image: artnet.com

You probably haven’t given much thought to Eric Fischl‘s sculpture Tumbling Woman, which was placed and quickly pulled from Rockefeller Centre when it became clear that a woman in mid-fall wasn’t an appropriate memorial (no closure).

Engle goes on to look at the photographs that were circulated at the time, and how the western media ‘spun’ people and events to justify their own view of the war on terror.

Check out my review, in the May 2009 issue of Quill and Quire HERE

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  1. Ajax says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this book, I read it over the weekend after your review and it is a fascinating read. I was worried it would be over my head but it was brilliant!

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