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On Art and Patronage: Miuccia Prada

“Money and art: it’s a difficult question,” (says Miuccia Prada.) “But art has always been about very rich people – think of the great popes and princes of the Renaissance.”

The Prada Transformer, Rem Koolhaas’s incredible re-think of what architecture is. Image: gadget.ca

We think Ms. Prada is on to something here. Today, we were at a talk sponsored by the Canadian Art Foundation, by the Paris-based curator Vincent Honore, who works for the David Roberts Art Foundation in London.

Mr. Roberts apparently represents a style of art patron that we haven’t seen for quite some time. Someone who cares about fostering the artist’s practice and connections within the art world, in the service of better art. Someone for whom their collection isn’t a massive ego trip.

With art schools churning out increasingly large numbers of mediocre art, perhaps young artists need support in the form of enlightened, educated collectors and patrons.

Stay tuned to VoCA for more in-depth posts on this topic.

Read the full interview with Miuccia Prada in the Telegraph, HERE.

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  1. Ingrid says:

    Eagerly looking forward to further in-depth discussions on this topic. Thanks a lot.

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