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Underrated Canadian Artist: Graham Peacock

Painter Graham Peacock has been teaching painting at the University of Alberta since 1969, when he arrived in Canada from England.

Graham Peacock, Valor, 2003. Image: grahampeacock.com

Perhaps not strictly speaking underrated, Peacock has been exhibiting throughout Canada on a regular basis since 1971. In 2003 he had an exhibition of recent work at the New New Painting Museum in Toronto, and in 2005 had a retrospective at the Ernest Poole gallery in Edmonton.

An installation shot from the Toronto exhibition. Image: grahampeacock.com

We discovered him after speaking with the young Montreal-based painter Wil Murray, for whom Peacock was a big influence.

And we love his mixed media poured canvases that incorporate foam, reflective surfaces and glass beads. Part sculpture, part painting, they seem to be rather magical objects, reminding us of tribal masks, or shields. They also recall work by the Colour Field Painters and Jackson Pollock, who was an influence.

Graham Peacock, China (from the Rocaille Suite), 1982-87. Image: grahampeacock.com

His work is in public and corporate collections all across the country.

For Peacock’s website, please click HERE.

5 Responses to “Underrated Canadian Artist: Graham Peacock”

  1. Disillusioned Student says:

    Overrated is more like it! Unless someone gets up a sycophantic website like this in an attempt to resuscitate artists with nothing better to do than rehash old styles.

  2. I had no idea this site existed and Seeing this was a surprise, although the heading is misleading “underrated Canadian Artist”. With some 50 or more international exhibitions I thought I was doing quite well. It is true though my kind of work has been disparaged in the Greenbergian backlash by some individuals and not included by the AGO or the National Gallery collections which is unfortunate as it does not allow the public to see a true representation of Canadian art practices. Abstraction, especially that practiced by anyone associated with the color field school championed by Clement Greenberg, is shunned.
    This has been true throughout my whole career. Since the 1960’s at art school( Goldsmiths in London) i heard “painting was dead” but I have found it to be very alive and well.
    It is a pity the colour in the reproductions of my work is so pale as the paintings have a lot more juice.
    The installation shot gives you a better idea.
    But you can’t see or judge art seriously on the web
    as the former commenter chooses to do.
    Old styles( history) is the mother of all invention.

  3. I have just published a book with The Art Gallery of Alberta ‘Graham Peacock -A Retrospective’ 9″ x 13″ 400 pages, over 550 colour reproductions, focusing on my painting from 1982 to 2006. Available from either the AGA or at peacock@shawbiz.ca $125 taxes and post paid.

  4. I love Graham Peacock’s work. Every time I go down to the Museum of New New Painting in Toronto, I ask Joseph if I can see the large Peacock painting he has in storage. I get down on my knees and kiss it. It’s that beautiful.

  5. Cheryl Hill Johnson says:

    I agree his work is powerful, stunning and never safe. Graham will always be a corner stone of the abstract expressionist movement. His paintings are rich in texture & colour. His is the kind of art that needs to be seen in person. Juicy indeed.

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