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Restoring Art: Veronese’s Petrobelli Altarpiece

Paolo Veronese and the Petrobelli Altarpiece
29 MAY – 7 SEPTEMBER 2009
The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

Paolo Veronese, The Petrobelli Altarpiece (reconstruction). Image: churchtimes.co.uk

If you’ve ever wondered about how paintings are restored, there’s a great video on the National Gallery of Canada website where Stephen Gritt, Chief Conservator explains the history of Veronese’s The Dead Christ Supported by Angels, which is presently being restored.

The Dead Christ is the largest fragment of an altarpiece that was originally commissioned for a church in Lendinara, near Venice in around 1563. In the late 18th century, the church was destroyed and a crafty art dealer bought it, cut it up into four pieces and sold them.

This exhibition marks the reunion of the fragments of the Petrobelli Altarpiece. It focuses on the partial reconstruction of the painting and examines the creative process within the artist’s studio.

The Dead Christ Supported by Angels is in the Gallery’s permanent collection.

Check out the video HERE. It’s a fascinating glimpse inside the restoration process.

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  1. P Miller says:

    What a wonderful piece of detective work. I’ve admired the small head of St. Michael in Austin for several years and expect it will receive more notice now.

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