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Saturn Return: Support Your Local Art Scene!

Saturn Return 30th Anniversary party
Mercer Union, Toronto
Friday July 10, 2009
Earlyish ’til lateish

These days, when it’s so important to think local, it’s especially important to support your local art scene. Mercer Union Artist Run Centre in Toronto is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary on July 10 with Saturn Return.

Come out and support Toronto’s artists – Mark your calendars now!

In astrological terms, a 30-year interval equals the full orbit of Saturn around the sun.

Saturn Return is Mercer’s big summer bash, where you will find group hugs on the dancefloor, pyramid power in the back gallery and a God’s eye view of the entire evening.

While you’re there, check out videos of single working girls by Sarah Gregg Millman and one by Johanna Billing, of a group of Scottish musicians who learn to sail off the coast of Edinburgh.

It’s only ten bucks, so VoCA hopes to see you there! (Astrological attire is encouraged)

Please click HERE for more info.

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