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Edmonton: Public Art Director Shakes Things Up

An inspiring story from Edmonton on how artist Kristy Trinier is shaking things up in Edmonton as the Public Art Director for the Edmonton Arts Council.

Kristy Trinier and Davide DiSaro, Inkognito, 2005. Image: skewgallery.com

The above work by Kristy Trinier was a collaborative sound and light installation for an exhibition of paintings by Sverre Bjertnaes at the Trondheim Kunstmuseum in Norway. Ten record players continuously looped, playing a composition developed with sound software and printed on white vinyl LP’s. The paintings in this work of the exhibition were only visible in the black lights. Materials used were vinyls, record players, black lights.

Read the full article from Vue Weekly HERE.

For more on Kristy Trinier, see Skew Gallery’s website, HERE.

One Response to “Edmonton: Public Art Director Shakes Things Up”

  1. Anonymous says:

    So, have you seen her work? Is it any good? What is she doing to “shake things up”, exactly?

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