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2 Exhibitions, 1 Festival: Vancouver, Quebec

Above and Below
July 18 – 12 September, 2009
Foreman Art Gallery, Bishop’s University
Sherbrooke, Quebec

Penelope Stewart, Cloche, 2008. 12′ x 10′ double photograph ( on vinyl), in the woods.
Image: penelopestewart.ca

Featuring work by artists Adam David Brown, Martha Fleming/Lyne Lapointe, Inger Lise Hansen, Véronique La Perrière M., Penelope Stewart and Irene F. Whittome, this exhibition includes cabinets of curiosities, sculpture, drawing and video on the themes of collection, curiosity and scale.

According to the press information, the exhibition is “presented in a creative mise-en-scène that returns the exhibition to its theatrical roots and asks if the museum can play a role in the way we experience the world today.”

Please click HERE for more information.

Sentimental Journey
June 19 – 16 August, 2009
Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver

Gareth Moore, Gareth Moore, Untitled 2006–09. Courtesy Catriona Jeffries Gallery/canadianart.ca

This exhibition, about “contemporary representations of the landscape”, presents an interesting new perspective on a subject that Vancouver curators never seem to tire of. See how six of the city’s hottest local artists – including Owen Kydd, Kevin Schmidt and Gareth Moore – consider romantic notions of nature, as they “highlight the journey as an essential aspect in the way the landscape has been historically represented and constructed.”

Please click HERE for the CAG website.

DRAWN Festival of Drawing
July 18 – 8 August, 2009
Throughout Vancouver

Shyh-Charng Lo, Shan Shui (Mountain and Water) 2, 2009. Water and Ink Drawing on Somerset Paper.
Image: artbeatus.com

Over 15 independently curated exhibitions, each addressing a different aspect of drawing will be on view at galleries around town. The exhibits will cover an array of contemporary and historical practices, giving viewers a sense of drawing’s diversity and enduring importance as an expressive medium. Works by early Dutch masters will be on view along with images by such luminaries of BC and Canadian art as B.C. Binning, Emily Carr and Jack Shadbolt.

Many of the exhibitions in the series will showcase new trends in contemporary drawing, with examples from Vancouver and beyond.

Check out the program of free lectures, gallery tours, exhibition openings, artist talks at the website, HERE.

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