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A Fresh Perspective: The Canadiana Project

Lately, we’ve become interested in art made by immigrants to Canada, and artists from other cultures whose work offers a refreshing counterpoint to the trendy things that come out of western art colleges.

Natalia Laluque, Taste Canadian, Oil on canvas, photocopy on paper, 2006. Image: natalialaluque.com

We profiled Inhyuck Song, an excellent Vancouver-based Korean artist whose work caught our attention at the Art Expo in Toronto, and the Sri Lankan artist Thamotharampillai Shanaathanan, whose work was a part of SAVAC’s One Year Drawing Project in Toronto that we blogged about HERE.

An exhibition by Toronto-based Ukranian artist Natalia Laluque is on view at the Station Gallery in Whitby from July 25 – September 6, 2009. The Canadiana Project is a reflection of how this immigrant artist sees Canada, how she and others like her experience cultural identity – maintaining relationships with the history of their adopted country.

More images after the click..

Natalia Laluque, Known and Unknown Heroes of Canada, Oil on canvas, photocopy on paper, charcoal, 2006.
Image: natalialaluque.com

Natalia Laluque, Kayaking for Jesus, Oil on canvas, 2007. Image: natalialaluque.com

Natalia Laluque, Doukhobor Women, Oil on canvas, acrylic, newspaper, 2008. Image: natalialaluque.com

Please click HERE for more on the gallery, and HERE for the artist’s website.

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