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Conservative Cultural Spending and Museum Struggles

We’ve wondered about the Conservative Government’s plan for cultural spending for some time now. It has started to seem like a sinister re-evaluation of cultural priorities and this scares VoCA.

Ken Lum, What an Idiot. Image: burnaway.org

Few people are talking about it, but here is an excellent piece by David Akin in the National Post:

“The argument, it seems to me, should not be about whether any government of the day is spending more or less on “culture”. Anyone who spends the time reading through government financial information for the last five years, as I did, will see that the government is spending more. The argument is really about what we define as culture.”

Read the full article HERE.

Meanwhile, at the Globe and Mail, there’s talk of museums postponing and canceling exhibitions because of the recession, including shows by Ken Lum, Wanda Koop and the Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles, which was slated to come from the Tate Modern.

More on that HERE.

2 Responses to “Conservative Cultural Spending and Museum Struggles”

  1. Ken Lum says:

    Hi, The Globe and Mail article, which was motivated by an earlier article in The Art Newspaper only touches the surface of what is taking place in the museum world in the context of global financial duress. For example, many of the most highly regarded contemporary and modern art venues in Europe are now demanding of its curators assurances that potential exhibitions meet certain gate receipt thresholds. A trend such as has bad implications for art as it opens the museum world (even further) to the logic of the business of art. The matter of curatorial integrity is also made more difficult. Moreover, predicting which shows will or won’t bring in sufficient receipts is at best a guessing game with blockbuster shows also subject to weightier insurance and other expenses. Anyways, I appreciate this website.

  2. Andrea says:

    Thanks for commenting, Ken!


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