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Donating to Museums: Canada Needs More Incentives

A New York Democratic senator has introduced a bill that could make the process of gifting artworks to museums easier for Americans. Sen. Charles Schumer has introduced the bill in reaction to museums’ complaints of sharp declines in art donations.

The full article, HERE, explains it in more detail but it does make VoCA think that a similar bill should also be introduced here.

Rineke Dijkstra, Golani Brigade, Orev Unit, Elyacim, Israel, May 26, 1999, 1999.
Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Gift of Alison and Alan Schwartz
Image: vanartgallery.bc.ca

For instance, in 2002, the Vancouver Art Gallery acquired a major contemporary photo-based art collection valued at $3.5 million from Toronto collector Alan Schwartz, consisting of 60 works by 15 internationally acclaimed artists including Reinke Dijkstra, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Dan Graham, Andreas Gursky, Louise Lawler, Thomas Ruff, Cindy Sherman, Thomas Struth and Rachel Whiteread. The donation gave the VAG one of the most comprehensive photo-based collections in North America.

Bill Reid, Bear, 1981, bronze. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Gift of Takao Tanabe
Image: vanartgallery.bc.ca

In fact, in 2007 the VAG held an exhibition that highlighted the key role that donors have played in the growth of the Gallery’s collection from 1931 to 2007.

But these donations seem to be too few and far between in Canada. Now more than ever, donors in this country need to step up to make art available to the public, since Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has become the ‘Decider’ when it comes to what art is (You will recall the Holy Fuck debacle, HERE.)

2 Responses to “Donating to Museums: Canada Needs More Incentives”

  1. Andrea says:

    “The Conservative government’s $100-million festival fund is focusing too much on mass audience events and not enough on high-brow art forms, several cultural groups say. ”

    That’s from today’s Edmonton Sun. Quebec is up in arms, and rightly so. Check it out:

  2. Sadly I wonder “who” in the government (currently) has any real concern for art culture in this country. Certainly the donations policy deserves more attention and encouragement, but so does museum, gallery funding across the country. Exhibitions such as the VISTAS, at the Glenbow should be seen by every person in this country…sadly it will close in September and a once in a life time show goes back to the closets from whence it came. So keep poking at the government in whatever way you can…All of you and us might make a difference!

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