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Immitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery: General Idea and Item Idem

For the Colour Bar Lounge’s debut at the 1979 Basel Art Fair, the Italian dealer Lucio Amelio published six lounge decor images, including the famous Nazi Milk (1979)
Image: kw-berlin.de

Item Idem. Image: blogs.colette.fr

Friend of VoCA and Tokyo-based artist/provocateur Item Idem, in collaboration with Paul Mpagi Sepuya, has dedicated this ‘homage’ to General Idea’s Nazi Milk work. It’s in honour of “30 years of Nazi Milk”, and you can find it on the blog for the French shop Colette.

Kind of brings to mind the Milk campaign…which is also kind of interesting for its reciprocal promotion. This one promotes the movie, Beyonce’s ad promotes her clothing line, and on and on…hmm.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the Milk campaign. Image: scifiwire.com

More on Item Idem HERE.

More on Nazi Milk HERE.

One Response to “Immitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery: General Idea and Item Idem”

  1. Gary Gray says:

    “Do your homework!” Is that your mother calling or part of your job?
    General Idea’s world famous “Nazi-Milk” poster did come before the U.S. “Celebrity Milk” campaign. However it did not come before the Canadian “Milk Moustache” campaign created almost a decade before “Nazi Milk”. Yes, I am a retired Ad-guy, now full time painter who deeply regrets that Mr. Bronson wants me to pay him for use of “Nazi-Milk” in my speech which could be entitled “Imitation the sincerest form of Flattery”.
    5 of my campaigns, including “Do you eat the Red Ones Last?” for Smarties, “Milk Moustache”, “Get Cracking” for Eggs have run for over forty years in Canada. And I can proudly say the were made in Canada, employing many of our illustrators, directors, and performers.
    For that I won’t pay Mr. Bronson a damn cent.

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