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Patagonia: Fire and Ice at the Rivoli, Toronto

“Photography for me is about awe in our world brought to us through nature.” -Ariel Estulin

Friend of VoCA and traveling nature photographer Ariel Estulin will debut his work at the Rivoli Lounge in Toronto, from Sept 6 – 7 November.

A scene in Patagonia. Image courtesy Ariel Estulin.

Estulin draws inspiration from two great North American photographers, the late Galen Rowell, outdoor adventurer, photo artist and writer; and Canada’s renowned landscape photographer and writer, Freeman Patterson, from whom he learned much about the practice of photographing nature.

A scene from Patagonia. Image courtesy Ariel Estulin.

The images in this exhibition are from Patagonia and explore the theme of ‘Fire and Ice’. It’s worth checking out these awe-inspiring images.

For more information check out the F11 Project, a group that organizes photographic exhibitions, artist talks, workshops and more at the Rivoli.

For more images, check out Estulin’s website HERE.

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