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Times Are Tough in Art, Says NYT

“An art gallery is like a single-cell organism: it is the crudest but also the most essential life form in the art-world food chain. It is among the easiest of public forums to start up…

Luanne Martineau, Gobbler, 2005. Image: trepanierbaer.com

…At the same time keeping a gallery going is usually fairly hard, and can seem impossibly daunting when sales slump. As small operations, galleries are…canaries in the coal mine, as they have often been called. So it made sense, as the bottom fell out of the art market last winter, that many people predicted galleries would start closing fast and furiously.”

This is from an article by Roberta Smith from the New York Times. Check it out HERE.

Graham Gillmore, Turns You On, 2005. Image: monteclarkgallery.com

Because Canada’s contemporary art market pales in comparison to that in the U.S., we don’t, perhaps give it much thought. But now’s a good time to set aside a budget to buy some art. $2000 would do nicely, and there’s the Toronto International Art Fair coming up, as well as excellent exhibitions opening this month. Here are some of our picks:

Wil Murray: “We Pet Your Cat To Death?” at Galerie Push
Amy-Claire Huestis: Landscape with Bombers at Battat Contemporary

Spleen and Ideal: Katie Pretti at Le Gallery
Edward Burtynsky: Oil at Metivier Gallery

5th Anniversary and Kim Dorland: Canadian Content at Skew Gallery
Luanne Martineau: What Widens Within You Walt Whitman at Trepanier Baer

Graham Gillmore: Refusalon at Monte Clark Gallery
Anna Plesset: Headlines at Jeffrey Boone Gallery

4 Responses to “Times Are Tough in Art, Says NYT”

  1. Any.Moose says:

    Times would be tough when this is the only type of object being promoted.

  2. mmm says:

    Gillmore = Excellent
    Martineau = Poor man’s Louise Bourgeois

  3. barbara says:

    it is true that canada is too often the little sister, so many opportunities are offered right now. toronto is an international venue, but montreal is also to be taken into consideration. much is going on and the link to france is not to be underestimated. i m looking forward to seeing Pauline Gagnon at the Galerie Lydia Monaro, this is somebody to count with, she s gained recognition in Paris and now is back on the Canadian scene, and her prices are more than fair.

  4. Marie says:

    yes, I heard Pauline Gagnon has an exhibit in Montreal at galerie Monaro : Galerie Lydia Monaro
    Exposition Pauline Gagnon du 18 au 31 octobre
    Vernissage le 21 octobre à 17h
    34, rue Saint-Paul, Ouest, Montréal, QC
    514 849-6052 / galerielydiamonaro.com

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