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Save Goodwater Gallery!

VoCA is sad to report that one of Toronto’s most unusual and unique galleries will close.

Image: Goodwatergallery.com

Goodwater, a small store-front space on a non-descript stretch of Queen Street at Sherbourne run by John Goodwin, was unique in that it allowed artists to create special projects that they might not have the opportunity to do otherwise. The work wasn’t always salable, as with the installation of colourful paper sheets tacked to the wall by the painter Elizabeth MacIntosh.

Nonetheless, many installations were stunning, like Andrew Reyes’ bold crisscross, which Leah Sandals wrote about HERE.

Andrew Reyes at Goodwater. Image courtesy John Goodwin.

The best thing about the gallery was found in the process of putting up the show, which was only visible if you engaged Goodwin in conversation and he showed you the photos on his iphone. Artists could open themselves up to pure experimentation. It wasn’t a money-making model, and Goodwin has tired of having to constantly be there. Galleries like this, that don’t last, highlight the contradiction between the need for the art market and the creative freedom that comes from not being market-driven.

Euan MacDonald at Goodwater. The ice has melted and the beer is gone, but there are some works up on the walls. Image courtesy John Goodwin.

Elizabeth MacIntosh and Andrew Reyes are represented by Diaz Contemporary. Click HERE and Euan MacDonald is with Birch Libralato Gallery. Click HERE.

The new show, by Euan MacDonald, continues to September 26, and Goodwin tells us that he is working on another possible use of the space.

Stay tuned.

3 Responses to “Save Goodwater Gallery!”

  1. Leah Sandals says:

    This is sad news, Andrea. Thanks for posting and for the link.

  2. Nicholas Brown says:

    A true loss for Toronto and the world.

  3. mmm says:

    How could we save it? By donating money? Money that we earned on the free market? But that would inhibit the creative freedom that comes from not being market driven!

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