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Toronto: Nuit Blanche 2009, Part Two. Parkdale.

Artist and curator Dave Dyment curated Zone C at last year’s Nuit Blanche. Among his installations were Michel de Broin’s waterfall and Jon Sasaki’s jaded mascots at Lamport Stadium, both of which helped make Liberty Village the undeniable hit of NB 2008.

Dyment is involved again this year, if rather less officially. He’s curating No Melatonin, a mini-zone in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood, along Queen Street West from Roncesvalles to Dufferin.

A still from Jon Sasaki’s video. Image courtesy Dave Dyment.

He was approached by Parkdale’s business improvement centre to put together a street project. It made sense, since as Dyment notes, many of Toronto’s artists actually live in Parkdale.

In a bid to keep it local and highly effective, Dyment has chosen accessible, easily recognizable works by local artists. As he puts it, “The idea is to entice people.

Kelly Mark, Sniff, 1999. Video stills. Image: ireallyshould.com

Many of the works are videos, projected across the windows of local shops. Like an open, street-side movie theatre. There are 15 projects, some made especially for Nuit Blanche, others more classic local pieces like Kelly Mark’s video Sniff and Kristian Horton’s excellent video of the transformation of a pack of cigarettes into a Coke can.

Kristan Horton, Cig2Coke2Tin2Coff2Milk, 2006. Image: kristanhorton.com

There will be new video works by VoCA favorites Dean Baldwin and Jon Sasaki, an installation by Kerri Reid and a highly anticipated work inside a conspiracy theory bookstore, by Scott Rogers of the fantastic Calgary art collective the Arbor Lake Sghool. Artist Alex Snukal will also be doing a mystery performance involving trains, bridges and currency.

Here’s the map showing all the artists and projects:  (You may have to click the image twice to enlarge it)

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