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Loathed: Richard Serra’s Shift Endangered Again

This summer, VoCA set off to find a hidden sculpture by the great American sculptor Richard Serra, which was installed almost 40 years ago in a field near King City, outside of Toronto.  Read our earlier post about the piece HERE. Shift, in wintertime. Image: Image: Now, according to the Globe and Mail, “an important and controversial vote
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Loved: Bruno Billio + Gaetano Pesce

Bruno Billio, Samba Mochet, 2002. Image courtesy the artist. We love this sculpture by Toronto artist Bruno Billio.  It’s made from a carpet and 2 pairs of old Adidas Samba trainers.  It’s very suggestive, it’s funny, it’s sculptural and it’s simple.  We love how Billio is always re-thinking the most common materials. Only an Italian would have made it.

Less Billboards, More Art! Please Support This Cause

This just in from the Department of Culture, a community of artists and arts professionals who organized themselves in the wake of the Harper Government’s brutal cuts to the arts in the past year, in order to ensure “the social and cultural health and prosperity of our nation in the face of a Federal Government that is aggressively undermining the
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Underrated Canadian Artist: Takao Tanabe

Takao Tanabe was born in British Columbia in 1926 and was interned with other Japanese-Canadians in BC during World War II.  He studied in Winnipeg, London and Toyko, and in New York at the Brooklyn Museum Art School where he was taught by the famous German-born American abstract expressionist painter Hans Hoffman. The artist Takao Tanabe. Image: Takao Tanabe
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Cartoon Art: Philip Guston, Marc Bell et al

What is it about the increasingly popular art that brings together illustration, graphic design, graffiti and cartoons? It’s a huge trend that you might say was begun, in its most recent form, by the American painter Philip Guston in the 1970s, when he abruptly dropped Abstract Expressionism for his own style that he’s now most famous for. Philip Guston, Story,
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Christie’s CEO on Art World Recovery, Value & Investment

Edward Dolman, Christie’s International chief executive talks to the Financial Times on art world recovery, the shift eastwards and whether art is still reliable as an asset class: Click HERE to watch the short videos. It’s also interesting to note the relationship between the Rolex ads preceding each clip and the (Rolex?) watch that sits prominently on Dolman’s wrist.

Indians Meet Indians in Brantford, Ontario

There’s an interesting exhibition on up at the Glenhyrst Art Gallery in Brantford, Ontario from 29 November 2009 – 22 January 2010. It’s only about an hour’s drive from Toronto and VIA Rail goes there, too. Bonnie Devine, Reclamation Project, 1995. Image: The show, organized in collaboration with Toronto’s SAVAC, brings together work by First Nations artists with work
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A Rembrandt Lecture, Inuit Films and Vintage Photography

Presentation House Gallery Vancouver, British Columbia The Malcolmson Collection October 1, 2009 to December 20, 2009 Gustave Le Gray, The Great Wave, Sete, 1857. Image: Do not miss seeing these extraordinary vintage photographs from the collection of friends-of-VoCA Harry and Ann Malcolmson. Over the past twenty-five years, the Malcolmsons have assembled a rare collection of vintage and historic photographs
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AA Bronson: The Order of Canada

Artist and friend-of-VoCA AA Bronson with Governor General Michaelle Jean. Congratulations, AA.  Very well deserved. For more on AA Bronson, please click HERE

$40 Million Dollar Warhol Marks The Return of the Market

Apparently, the art market has returned. Andy Warhol’s 200 One Dollar Bills. Image: After a year of caution on the part of collectors, recent sales in New York and London have shown a dramatic return.  The other day, Sotheby’s New York sold Andy Warhol’s huge 1962 canvas 200 One Dollar Bills for $43.7 million (U.S.) – more than triple
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