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Urban Art: The Leona Drive Project, Toronto

Sadly, the Leona Drive Project is over. On from October 22 – 31, it was a very well curated project on a suburban street in Toronto that commissioned several artist projects for a site specific exhibition in a series of six vacant bungalows slated for demolition.

All photos courtesy Scott Barker.

We went at night, and instead on focusing on what artist made which piece, we chose to enjoy the work for itself. We think we recognized the squatter’s paradise by one of our favorite collectives The Arbour Lake Sghool and a work by Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins – a car had rammed into the front of a house, where it lay smoking, wheels spinning.



There was a very cool room ‘wallpapered’ in white painted pennies remain anonymous to us by Ryan Livingstone. The house painted entirely bright green, rendering it into a large-scale Monopoly piece, remain anonymous to us. was by An Te Liu.  It was a high-impact, but simple gesture.

One of our favorites was Oliver Husain’s video, in which he injected stained glass imagery to define the urban landscape. It was melancholy, hugely inspiring and brilliant.  If only the windows existed in real life.






The project was a collaboration between The Public Access Collective and L.O.T. : Experiments in Urban Research.

Well done to curators Janine Marchessault (Public Access and LOT) and Michael Prokopow (L.O.T.)

2 Responses to “Urban Art: The Leona Drive Project, Toronto”

  1. mary-ann says:

    the white penny room was done by Ryan Livingstone


  2. Gabby says:

    Thanks for your interest in the show, Andrea. The penny/wallpapered room was done by Ryan Livingstone, a really lovely, talented, dedicated painter who deserves to have his name out there more.

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