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Less Billboards, More Art! Please Support This Cause

This just in from the Department of Culture, a community of artists and arts professionals who organized themselves in the wake of the Harper Government’s brutal cuts to the arts in the past year, in order to ensure “the social and cultural health and prosperity of our nation in the face of a Federal Government that is aggressively undermining the values that define Canada.

Daniel Borins and Jennifer Marman, In Sit You, 2007. Image: torontoist.com

The Department of Culture and VoCA are encouraging Torontonians to support beautifulcity.ca, an initiative that will see tax from billboard ads go toward municipal arts funding.  Toronto is a city with ‘money issues’, so this is an important possible revenue stream.

Please take a second to click below to sign the petition or contact your councillor.

Sign the petition: Click HERE.
Call and write your councillor: Click HERE for info and key asks.
Show your support at Toronto City Hall on Nov 30th/Dec 1st.

Image: beautifulcity.ca

More info on beautifulcity.ca:

  • Beautifulcity.ca’s tax on billboards to fund art is finally coming to a vote at City Council. This proposed new sign by-law may offer the single greatest opportunity to increase municipal arts funding in the next decade.
  • The premise of the campaign is that billboard advertising, unlike all other forms of advertising, provides no content to the public in exchange for taking up public space (editorial to advertising ratios for TV is 75/25, for print is usually 50/50 but for billboards is 0 to 100).

Imagine, art instead of billboard ads! Image: johntunger.com

  • The sign by-law going before city council on November 30/December 1 recommends regulating billboards in Toronto, removing illegal billboards as well as taxing and properly regulating the remainder.
  • The tax will help to create ‘editorial’ by increasing the city’s arts funding and ensuring greater public access to art in exchange for use of public space.

Advertising is increasingly infringing on our public spaces, and the privilege of leveraging public space for commercial ends should come with a responsibility to keep them healthy. The billboard tax is a fair and just means for private advertisers to take responsibility for their impact on the city.

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