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Loathed: Richard Serra’s Shift Endangered Again

This summer, VoCA set off to find a hidden sculpture by the great American sculptor Richard Serra, which was installed almost 40 years ago in a field near King City, outside of Toronto.  Read our earlier post about the piece HERE.

Shift, in wintertime. Image: slowpainting.com

Image: mcgill.ca

Now, according to the Globe and Mail, “an important and controversial vote is expected to be taken Monday by councillors…on the fate of a meandering outdoor cement installation.”

Apparently, the owner of the land, Hickory Hills Investments, a subsidiary of Toronto’s Great Gulf Group of Companies doesn’t want to maintain the sculpture, nor create public access to it.

A more recent sculpture by Serra. Image: rlhagopian.com

It’s a shame, as Richard Serra is considered to be one of the world’s most important sculptors and this early concrete work is a precursor to his later works made from steel.

Also according to the Globe article, Serra wrote to King City’s heritage-advisory committee, thanking it for its “sustained efforts” to “preserve the existence of this work.”

In it, Serra told the committee, “I hope you will prevail.”  So do we.

Read the full article HERE

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