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Vancouver 2010: Promoting Canadian Art Online

Organized as part of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics cultural mandate, CODE is a program of art, music, film and Canadian culture that is available online as a website where audiences can interact and take part.

The CODE Screen website, with a nice piece by Aganetha Dyck. Image courtesy CODE Screen 2010/Peter Dyck.

It’s a great way of bringing Canada’s culture to international audiences. One of CODE’s platforms is for visual art. It’s called CODE Screen 2010 and allows audiences to click through to curated displays of artwork online.  The speed and ease of the site is impressive, and some of the work is excellent.

Many ‘exhibits’ suffer from unfortunately lazy curating, as with the current show by Daina Warren that far too simplistically brings animal-themed work together (aghh!)  There is much work worth seeing, it’s just preferable to take each work by itself, since there isn’t much to be gained from the curatorial themes.

Iain BAXTER&, Along the Great Lakes (From the series Television Works), 1999.
Acrylic on reclaimed (RCA) television. Image: artgalleryofnovascotia.ca

That said, curator Dave Dyment does his best, choosing to open and close the slideshow of works with two of Iain Baxter&’s excellent television paintings (paintings on the screens of old TVs) between which are sandwiched several works that use television light as a medium. Also included are wonderful works by Sara Angelucci, Snow and Regular 8.

Music of Chance 2, made of aluminum foil by Rhonda Weppler and Trevor Mahovsky.
Image: canadianart.ca

The choices of work range widely from the great, like Milena Placentile’s excellent choice of work by the fantastic and unfortunately underrated artist Gathie Falk, to the not-so-great, like Donna Ackrey’s Iceburb curated by Donna Wawzonek.  Wawzonek’s show has a loose – to put it mildly – curatorial idea that she explains thus: “an exhibition celebrating artists who use object making…or make objects that comment on the human condition…

Gathie Falk, Single Right Men’s Shoes: Eight Red Boots, 1973, glazed ceramic, glass, varnish on wood.  Image: canadacouncil.ca

But there are lovely surprises, like Shopping cart 7, a crumpled metal cart lying as if deflated on the floor, which is actually made of aluminum foil by Rhonda Weppler and Trevor Mahovsky.

The nice thing about CODE Screen 2010 is less the curating than the new discoveries that are possible, and the fact that the slideshow format allows viewers to consider each work separately from the next.

It’s a great way to kill time at the office in the days before the holidays, too.

Click HERE to visit CODE Screen 2010 and stay tuned for future exhibition release dates:

* Exhibition #9 — January 5, 2010
* Exhibition #10 — January 19, 2009
* Exhibition #11 — February 1, 2010
* Exhibition #12 — February 15, 2010
* Exhibition #13 — March 1, 2010
* Exhibition #14 — March 15, 2010

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  1. Eric says:

    Looks like another step toward Visual Arts being included for medal contention in the 2018 Olympics! (o.k., so that is probably not going to happen, but a man can dream!)

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