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Ten in Ten: VoCA’s Cultural Wish List for 2010

Rather than a list of ‘best of’ from 2009, which has already been done by Sarah Milroy in the Globe and Mail and elsewhere, here is a list of things that we’d like to see happen in the Canadian cultural landscape in 2010.

Brendan Flanagan, Tar Pit. Image: brendanflanagan.ca

1. More museum/gallery collaborations across the country – like the Art Gallery of Alberta and the National Gallery of Canada. The David Hoffos show at the NGC is excellent but how many Canadians will get to see it?

2. Less importance placed on art school degrees, more placed on the passionate pursuit of knowledge in other areas.

3. More poetry in daily life. Look out for an upcoming blog post on N8R TXT, an iphone app that sends personal haikus to you based on your location.

Kent Monkman, Louis Vuitton Quiver, 2007. Image: kentmonkman.com

4. More discussion about what good art is. Nadja Sayej from ArtStars* (with ironic, post-Wallpaper asterisk) made a good start last month, and our upcoming Face the Critic Salon at the Drake Hotel in early February will take it further (stay tuned for details.)

5. More criticism that takes a stand and–ahem–and demands more of art; less complacent criticism.

6. Better architecture in Canada’s biggest city. Torontonians should be more demanding when it comes to their urban surroundings. Especially the condos!

7. Better curating. Let’s see exhibitions that truly enlighten the viewer, like Jessica Bradley’s outstanding Rodney Graham retrospective at the AGO back in 2004.

Terence Koh, These Decades that We Never Sleep, Black Light, 2004. Crystal chandelier, paint, lollipops, vegetable matter, human and horse hair, mineral oil, rope from a ship found after midnight, glass shards, stones and artist’s blood and shit.
Image: saatchi-gallery.co.uk

8. More awareness of First Nations artists. This is a trend that’s already starting – See the Cape Dorset show at the NGC and Nancy Campell’s show contrasting Shuvinai Ashoona and Shary Boyle at the University of Toronto a few months ago.

9. More visual arts coverage in the media. Literature – check. Film – check. But there’s not much in the media on visual art. It’s not like we haven’t got our share of provocateurs (Kent Monkman, Brendan Flannagan, Terence Koh, and many others…)

10. More people buying art.  Canada’s market is deplorably small, and we have many world-class artists working here. We’d like to see people proudly collecting Canadian art.

4 Responses to “Ten in Ten: VoCA’s Cultural Wish List for 2010”

  1. MOCCA says:

    Happy to report that the David Hoffos exhibition will be travelling to MOCCA in Toronto next Fall!

  2. Andrea says:

    That is GREAT news!

  3. jeremy Tabarrok says:

    I was glad to see a forward thinking “Top Ten List” rather than a 2009 “what was” list. No only is VoCA forward thinking but proactive too! I see you’ve already started a conversation about architecture, the importance of art criticism as well bringing us haikus to our daily lives. I wonder if there’s a Blackberry app?

  4. Jamie Angell says:

    Yes that was quite the Rodney Graham show at the AGO back in 2004, but for the record, it was collaboration with Moca LA, something that should be acknowledged and rarely is.

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