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Artist Spotlight: Scott Treleaven

Scott Treleaven was born in Toronto, Canada and graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) in 1996.

Scott Treleaven, My Ever Changing Moods, 2009, ink, photographs, watercolour. Image: kavigupta.com

Now based in Paris, he has shown in Chicago at Kavi Gupta, in New York at John Connelly Presents and has had a limited edition book published by Printed Matter Inc.

He is probably best know for his film The Salivation Army (2002), which caught the attention of the Village Voice in 2003, screening worldwide, most notably in the official Art Basel film program in 2004 and at the Museum of Modern Art in 2006.

Scott Treleaven, Untitled (Forest 2), 2009, c-print. Image: kavigupta.com

Interestingly, has collaborated with Genesis B. P-Orridge, the performer, musician, writer and artist and former member of the art band Throbbing Gristle.

Scott Treleaven, Meeting in the Woods, 2009, ink, gouache, collage. Image: kavigupta.com

Most recently, he was part of a group exhibition at the Union Theological Seminary in New York, alongside Marina Abramovic, Bas Jan Ader, Michael Bühler-Rose, Alfredo Jaar, Terence Koh, Gareth Long, Yoko Ono, and Chrysanne Stathacos, which was curated by AA Bronson, artistic director of the Institute of Art, Religion, and Social Justice, which was founded under the auspices of the seminary.

Read more on that, HERE.

Robert Mapplethorpe, Calla Lily, 1986. Image: artslant.com

Though according to his gallery, his core obsessions include “a dark, anthropological current uniting a number of contemporary youth subcultures; latter-day punks and mystics portrayed in his photographs and films as an obsolete (or simply sleeping) aristocratic class; and occult and symbolist language,” VoCA really likes the sense of solitude in some of his works, and the fragility with which they are made, that reminds us of Robert Mapplethorpe‘s wonderfully classical works.

Scott Treleaven, you are split in different places, 2008, ink, watercolour and gouache on paper.
Image: johnconnellypresents.com

The beautiful Patti Smith by Robert Mapplethorpe, from 1986. Image: postmodern.com

Speaking of Mapplethorpe, we are reading the just-released book Just Kids, by artist/musician Patti Smith about her early friendship and romance with Robert Mapplethorpe.

Stay tuned for our review.

4 Responses to “Artist Spotlight: Scott Treleaven”

  1. MarkSpizer says:

    great post as usual!

  2. Gabriello says:

    Sometimes I think we’re alone in the universe,and sometimes I think we’re not. In either case the idea is quite staggering.

  3. Joey Furlong says:

    Beautiful work Scott~ You still take my breath away xo

  4. chinook says:

    absolutely love these…especially the moods piece! inspiring :)

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