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Joshua Prince Ramus: “Constraints are the Mother of Invention”

Architect Joshua Prince-Ramus. Image: seattlepi.com

On Friday, we went to hear Joshua Prince-Ramus, the president of REX Architects in New York, speak at Toronto’s Interior Design Show, for the Azure-sponsored talks.

Prince-Ramus is an excellent and passionate speaker, who previously worked with Rem Koolhaas.  He is also an architect who – like Koolhaas –  clearly revels in the constraints imposed upon him.  As he said, “Constraints are the mother of invention.”

He spoke about architectural agency, about the need for architects to take responsibility for the fact that they have become marginalized. He noted that there was an artificial schism between creation and execution, that the idea of architect as ‘individual genius’ is a myth, and that there is a need to stitch creation and execution back together again.

The Vakko headquarters, showing the interior mirrored building. Image: archdaily.com

The Vakko headquarters showing the fully completed building surrounding the mirrored boxes. Image: archdaily.com

Among the studio’s projects that he highlighted were the fantastic PERFORMING ARTS CENTER and DEE AND CHARLES WYLY THEATRE in Dallas, with its theatre that transforms into any number of configurations (click HERE for the time lapse video of the transformation) and stunningly beautiful and the VAKKO FASHION CENTER in Turkey, with its stacked mirrored boxes set inside a glass-paneled contemporary ruin.
The Wyly Theatre in Dallas. Image: designboom.com

VoCA would love for Canada to have a REX-designed building.

Click HERE to read a great interview with Prince-Ramus from Designboom.com, and click HERE to visit REX’s website.

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