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Art and Terrorism

Today, we noticed a very interesting post on Regina Hackett’s excellent blog, Another Bouncing Ball, out of Seattle. Kris Martin, Mandi VIII, 2006. Image: via another bouncing ball. It discusses how American politicians are negotiating the so-called ‘War on Terror’, coupled with some images of contemporary art that offer varying perspectives on the situation.

Herb and Dorothy’s Collection at the Albright Knox

You may remember, if you’re in Toronto, or Calgary, that the Canadian Art Foundation screened the excellent documentary, Herb and Dorothy, at last year’s Reel Artists Film Festival. Megumi Sasaki’s touching documentary, Herb and Dorothy. Image: The film tells the extraordinary story of Herbert Vogel, a postal clerk, and Dorothy Vogel, a librarian, who managed to build one of
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The Art of Doing Something Else

Do you ever notice how sometimes you go into a shop, or eat at a restaurant, and you can just tell–usually by the outfit and the attitude–that you’re being served by an artist or, more likely, an art student. They seem bored, and clearly dislike their job. Rikrit Tiravanija makes art. Image: Every job holds creative potential, and every
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Toronto: Daniel Libeskind Set to Strike Again

Given the recent kerfuffle over Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum being voted worst of the decade’s architecture by the Washington Post, VoCA would love to have your thoughts on the new condo that Daniel Libeskind is designing for downtown Toronto: And a daylight shot. Image: WE FOUND AN IMAGE OF A MORE RECENT RENDERING – it’s the one on the
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Art, Virtual Tourism, Mapping, Poetry = N8R TXT

It’s interesting to think about how new technologies are being used, particularly by artists. Google Maps is a tool for finding a location that we’re all familiar with; Google Streetview – recently introduced to major cities in Canada – is a tool for placing yourself, virtually, in a particular location (and being able to look around). Click HERE to check
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Should VoCA be More Critical? More Art Debate

The debate continues. Barnett Newman, Voice of Fire, 1967. Image: Yesterday, VoCA reader Earl Miller posted a comment HERE in response to the post ‘Should VoCA be More Critical?’ He says that, given the amount of ‘bad’ art in the world, it’s important as an art journalist to find art that he likes or feels is important, but flawed.
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Ten in Ten: VoCA’s Cultural Wish List for 2010

Rather than a list of ‘best of’ from 2009, which has already been done by Sarah Milroy in the Globe and Mail and elsewhere, here is a list of things that we’d like to see happen in the Canadian cultural landscape in 2010. Brendan Flanagan, Tar Pit. Image: 1. More museum/gallery collaborations across the country – like the Art
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Alice Neel on Painting

Whether I’m painting or not, I have this overweening interest in humanity. Even if I’m not working, I’m still analyzing people. -Alice Neel

Loathed: Art as Advertising

If you’re in Toronto, have you noticed these strange statues popping up all over town? Advertising uses the language of art! The Wind Mobile ad, in front of the Black Bull pub at the corner of Queen and Soho Streets. Image: VoCA Created in the same vein of Molson’s legendary campaign, Joe Canadian’s “Rant”, this statue is pitched as an
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Urban Design: Toronto Steps Up

“Toronto is only beginning to evolve in the design of public space…the city feels like it was designed by the public works department.” The UQAM Residences, in Montreal. Image: VoCA Yes it does and it’s a real shame that it’s taking so long. After being in Montreal over the holidays, where the UQAM buildings off Sherbrooke are invigorating, challenging, high
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