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Micah Lexier: The hardest-working person in the Canadian art world?

Toronto artist Micah Lexier is everywhere these days.

A view of Micah Lexier’s installation I Am the Coin, at BMO in Toronto.  Image: iamthecoin.com

Not only did he have new work in a recent show at his Toronto dealer, Birch Libralato, he has a just-opened year-long installation at the Bank of Montreal’s Project Room titled I am the Coin – click HERE to check it out – along with several upcoming collaborations.

-Twelve of One: A Series of Twelve Consecutive Vitrine Displays is on view at Art Metropole, and will change each month over the course of one year. Click HERE for more info.

Image: birchlibralato.com

-He’s got the cover of the current issue of Border Crossings magazine, with an artist project inside.  Click HERE to read an excerpt.

-This spring, he’ll have another collaborative piece in the Spring issue of Canadian Art magazine. He was commissioned to respond to an ‘experimental text’ by the London-based curator Vincent Honore. Apparently, the text is about the concept of negation, so Lexier’s project attempts to illustrate the notion physically by pulling back from what an art magazine can do. Check it out on newsstands in mid-March.

Micah Lexier, All Numbers Are Equal (cut from left), 2003. Image: ccca.ca

-I’m Thinking of a Number.  This is the project that he’s been working on for several years, and that he seems most excited about.  The forthcoming 300-page book – a survey of 30 years of his exhibition invites, books, catalogues, coins, multiples, tshirts and other printed matter from 1980 to 2010 – is to be published by the NSCAD Press.  Check it out HERE.

Micah Lexier, A Number of Things. Image: rbamattre.com

VoCA caught up with Lexier and asked him one question:

VoCA: Your work involves you doing all kinds of projects from public artworks to a children’s colouring book. Have you always thought of your practice in such a broad way?

ML: I always have gotten other people to make things. I have an active mind, but I haven’t always been so good at making things, so I’d get something made, or printed, by someone else. It was a response to the skills or lack of skills that I have. And over the years it just got worse (laughs), so it freed up my mind to do whatever I want. I still feel like each project has my sensibility, my integrity. I make it what I make it. I don’t think about different audiences, it’s always the same audience; I make my work as smart and interesting as I can. The colouring book is for kids, but kids are smart. My projects are often more about personality than an in-depth knowledge of art.

One of my favorite jokes is this:

Q: What did the zero say to the eight?

A: Nice belt.

A belt-wearing zero. Image: fallibleblogma.com

So it’s about finding that thing that’s basic but true. And finding it any scale, any venue.
I’ve been doing it long enough that it’s catching on. It’s been a great year. But you know, although people think artists are self reliant, we do need people to respond. It’s an economy.

Part of succeeding is succeeding. You just have to keep working. It may not be all perfect, but that’s ok.

4 Responses to “Micah Lexier: The hardest-working person in the Canadian art world?”

  1. Murray says:

    One of the hardest working, as well as one of the nicest!

  2. AC says:

    Oh yes, absolutely. Always smiling!

  3. Steve "economic downturn" Jobs says:

    barf. there is also a thing called overexposure.
    you say hardest working, i say hardly working.

  4. kat Citroen says:

    so thats why I never get any grant money. I thought it was because I was crap.

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