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Oh, McQueen….You will be missed.

Some excerpts from a fantastic article on Alexander McQueen:

Image: stylefrizz.com

“…anyone who cares about the culture at large — should take note of the death of Alexander McQueen. For every 1,000 so-called designers who pin a piece of jersey around a mannequin and call it fashion, there’s only one McQueen, an explosively imaginative designer…”

Image: zimbio.com

Image: style.com

“McQueen’s death at age 40 is a sad reminder of the way certain values have been misplaced in our culture: Not just in fashion but in all creative fields, thought, precision, wit and a sense of history are rare and endangered qualities…”

Image: blendnewyork.com

Image: style.com

Image: fashiontribes.com

Click HERE to read the full article on Salon.com

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