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In the Studio with artist Dennis Lin

This weekend, VoCA paid a visit to the studio of Toronto artist Dennis Lin.

The installation, no. 1 – 60, currently on view at 47 Gallery. Image: forty-seven.ca/Derek Flack

Another view of no. 1 – 60, Image: VoCA

Lin, who works mostly with wood, creates huge installations, many commissioned by the likes of design firm Yabu Pushelberg for their hotel and condo interiors around the world. He is just back from installing a piece in Quebec City, and another in China.

Lin is part designer, part artist. What his work may lack in sophistication, it makes up for in sheer scale. At it’s best, it’s awe-inspiring. A great example is the current show up at 47, titled no. 1 – 60, in which an enormous 16-foot, naturally felled tree has been cut into thin slices and suspended throughout the space. It’s quite wonderful to see.

(Note – they are hoping to sell the piece, too. Contact them for more details.)




Some shots taken at Lin’s studio. Image: VoCA

His pieces often exploit the wonderous characteristics of old, offcut or termite-eaten wood.

Lin also co-runs 47 Gallery with Jaclyn Quaresma, a space in Parkdale that shows unusual, large-scale exhibitions that focus on specific characteristics of materials. One show, called Hurts so Good, was a huge block of wood stuck with knives (that we blogged about HERE) and upcoming is Quaresma’s show that will feature a floor of tiles that will crack like eggshells underfoot.

Dennis Lin, Hurts so Good. Image: forty-seven.ca

Click HERE for the 47 Gallery website. The show continues to March 5, 2010.

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  1. Jaclyn says:

    Thanks to Derek Flack for the full shot of n. 1-60!

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