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Vancouver Olympics: The Art of the Downtown East Side

In Vancouver and want to see something other than the Games?

World Tea Party, by Bryan Mulvihill. Image: bright-light.ca

You would undoubtedly be in the minority,  but you would have a lot to choose from. Bright Light is an interesting-sounding initiative between the City of Vancouver and a number of arts organizations in the Downtown East Side.

Projects range from site-specific artworks, light-based installations, video projections and live web links to outdoor performances, publications, a parade, a festival, interactive community events and lively gathering spaces.

Don’t miss the window installation by one of VoCA’s favorite artists, the Dutch artist Mark Manders, who will do a window installation titled Mark Manders: Window with Fake Newspapers and Traducing Ruddle, on view to March 28.

Mark Manders, Isolated Bathroom”, 2003. Image: e-flux.com

Also, you may want to check out World Tea Party at Centre A, a performance animated by tea master and calligrapher Bryan Mulvihill (aka Trolley Bus), that Centre A calls “truly one of Vancouver’s national treasures.”

Bright Light is designed to highlight the neighbourhood and it’s art community. Participating organizations include the excellent Artspeak, Centre A, Filip, Helen Pitt Gallery, Instant Coffee and Jeffrey Boone Gallery.

According to the statement, “Bright Light will foster comment, discussion and social exchange between the neighbourhood, the city and international visitors…”

To visit the website and see what’s on where and when, please click HERE.

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