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Where will the Vancouver Art Gallery go?

In Vancouver, the VAG is negotiating with the city to obtain an entire block for their new, larger downtown building. The province has already contributed $50 million.

The VAG. Image: discovervancouver.com

The VAG board has voted unanimously to move the gallery to a prominent downtown location near the current one, rather than the one near the Plaza of Nations that the provincial government had offered them. They want to build “something magnificent for the community which will do the job for the next 50 years”, says Michael Audain, the chairman of the relocation committee of the VAG’s board of trustees.

The excellent WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution exhibtion at the VAG

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BUT…those plans have hit a roadblock as the city has planned to offset the cost of the site with an office tower.

Reece Terris, Ought Apartment, 2009 at the VAG. Image: kostuikgallery.com

The city “cautioned that in the current economic climate, the VAG may have to have a good, hard look at its ambitious plans for a gallery that is double its current size and estimated to cost $400-million.” (For context, the AGO’s Gehry renovation cost $276 million.)

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Will the city acquiesce? Or will the VAG have to find an alternate solution?

Stay tuned…

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