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Public Art comes to…Ikea!

Piotr Uklanski, Jeppe Hein and Jim Lambie are among the artists who will create art works for the public to interact with, at a new IKEA store in Moscow.

Jim Lambie’s floor at MoMA. Image: apartmenttherapy.com

The art is part of a mixed-use plan for IKEA, where new developments will “fuse culture, commerce and leisure.” Plans for the site includes shops, restaurants, an ice-rink, as well as an Ikea flat-pack furniture store.

Could this idea be the start of something big for the Swedish retailer?  And if so, what impact, if any will it have on the art market?

Jeppe Hein’s Moving Neon Cube. Image: euroassistance.com

Read the full article from the Art Newspaper, HERE

5 Responses to “Public Art comes to…Ikea!”

  1. mashley says:

    Don’t forget all those great Dana Schutz beach towels you could get at Target.

  2. Bill says:

    I hope the quality of the art they select is better than the quality of their furniture! (Especially their chests of drawers!)

  3. AC says:

    Yes or that it doesn’t all end up on Craigslist like the Billy Bookshelf

  4. AC says:

    If you could figure out how to do something creative with old Billy Bookshelves, you’d be rich

  5. JT says:

    Don’t forget their newest ‘advertising’ campaigns… here (http://bit.ly/ar1k0L) and here (http://bit.ly/d9lTZg)

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