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Loved: The David Report


Art used to be able to change the way we see the world, but aside from the terrifying German artist Gregor Schneider, we can’t really think of any that does today. Design, on the other hand, has been proven to house displaced people, heal the terribly ill, rescue the desperately poor, possibly even save the environment.

David Rokeby, Quaver, (2002-2010), interactive video installation, still. Image: parinadimigallery.com

Canadian artists like David Rokeby (whose show at Pari Nadimi Gallery just opened in Toronto) designs computer interfaces for his artworks that have been used for medical purposes. Amazing.

Ever since Bruce Mau brought his overly wordy, curatorially-challenged but conceptually brilliant exhibition, Massive Change to the Art Gallery of Ontario in 2008, we have known that Design Can Change the World. Add Cameron Sinclair of Architecture for Humanity, who gave a riveting talk at OCAD earlier that same year, and the message is clear.

We can no longer sustain design for design’s sake. It’s an outdated idea. Design must be used to solve problems, and educational institutions should be the ones preaching this to students.

Bruce Mau’s Massive Change. Image: brokencitylab.org

The David Report. A must-read from Sweden. Image: VoCA

We are facing a pandemic of ‘designed stuff’ and we have reached a contamination point, a crisis for Design. Why are we not more pertubed and disturbed, why are we so tolerant? Should we not be calling for a guerrilla war against ‘designerism’ or do we need a revolution to cut the ties with the hero’s of 20th Century Design?

Should we not be calling for a guerrilla war against ‘designerism’?” asks VoCA’s new favorite thing, the David Report.

The David Report “covers the intersection of design, culture and business life with a creative and humanistic approach,” and is one of several projects by the multi-talented Swedish design entrepreneur David Carlson.

Read the free e-book, HERE.

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    The e-report is well designed.

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