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A Massively Massive Party at the AGO

Artistic Director and Toronto man-about-town Bruno Billio took control of this year’s Massive Party, the 6th annual fundraiser for the Art Gallery of Ontario, which took place last night at the Frank Gehry-designed space.

Jon Sasaki’s installation. All images: VoCA

The AGO has got a new Young Patrons group, AGO Next, many of whom were there last night. Judging by the sold-out crowd of 2000 energetic partiers, the AGO has got a lot of future donors hooked.

A 1920s car, parked out front.

Janis Demkiw’s intriguing installation of contraband.

Some of the 2000-strong crowd.

Massive Party is known for creative installations by local artists, and this year was better than most, with Toronto artist (and VoCA fave) Jon Sasaki‘s silent film ‘conversation starters’, Janis Demkiw’s Stash-Cache (Trapdoor to Endlessness), a sculptural installation of a stockpile of contraband alcohol and goods under the gallery floor and Laurel Woodcock‘s $25 artist multiple (a set of shot glasses.)

Dean Baldwin‘s entirely appropriate bandstand was the best possible showcase for the fantastic, and stylish Tanika Charles who belted out retro tunes, and Deejay L’Oquenz in the downstairs lounge.

Deejay L’Oquenz in da house.

Tanika Charles, singing an ode to Parkdale.

But the best and most striking artwork was Diane Borsato‘s performance, in which she directed a troupe of dancers – disguised as revellers – to fall down, randomly, as if drunk. It worked perfectly until the media started chasing them with cameras. When a fallen person receives flashbulb pops instead of a helping hand up, you know you’re looking at a work of performance art.

A simulation of Diane Borsato’s performance, which was frustratingly difficult to capture on film.

For more info on the AGO and to join the AGO Next Young Patrons group, please click HERE.

2 Responses to “A Massively Massive Party at the AGO”

  1. Grace says:

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    Have a creative day!

    – Grace

  2. ChrisToronto says:

    Sooooo sorry I missed this party. Thanks for the report, Andrea.

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