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VoCA Goes to Vancouver! (and meets Douglas Coupland)

Stay tuned for an interview with Douglas Coupland, author, artist, fan-of-Warhol and recent author of a book on McLuhan.

Some of Coupland’s recent artworks.

One Response to “VoCA Goes to Vancouver! (and meets Douglas Coupland)”

  1. K.I.A. says:

    Sigh. The nugget of gold Duchamp provided, and that Warhol etc. shaped down, has now been pounded so flat that it’s a thousand miles wide but only microns thin… brand stickers on top of an imitation Warhol celebrity Marilyn? Coupland, who is undoubtedly smart, sometimes beautifully poetic, & can certainly capture the zeitgeist, always makes me feel, w/his visual work… nothing. And make me think… nothing. (But somehow, after seeing these sticker Marilyns, I have the sudden desire to go re-photograph Richard Prince’s re-photograph of an ad and ad it to my ouevre…)

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