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Vancouver Art: The Drop

This is a lovely sculpture outside Vancouver’s convention centre overlooking Burrard Inlet. Titled The Drop, it “pays homage to the element of water and the untamable forces of nature which are omnipresent in Vancouver.”

It’s by the German public art group Inges Idee, four artists – Hans Hemmert, Axel Lieber, Thomas Schmidt and George Zey, and it’s their first installation in North America.

Inges Idee, The Drop, 2009. Image: VoCA

According to the accompanying panel, the piece “displays a technical perfection, artificially coloured to correspond to the sky, and contrasting with the pale yellow of the mass of sulfur visible on the horizon…the sculpture creates a visual dialogue with the architecture of the convention centre…it marks the interface between land and water, between nature and technology.”

Douglas Coupland, whose sculpture will be erected shortly on the other side of the building, told VoCA that The Drop was taken down temporarily for the Olympics, as it was blocking the view of the television cameras.

2 Responses to “Vancouver Art: The Drop”

  1. Andrew Renaux says:

    The drop is awesome it was fabricated by Heavy Industries in Calgary. They also made The Birds for the Olympic Plaza check out the article they wrote on their blog http://heavyworld.com/theskinny/?p=1354

  2. Elegant, simple and perfectly placed.Another spectacular iconic work!!

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