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Nuit Blanche Toronto: Curators & Artists Announced!

Get ready, Toronto! This year, the city’s much-loved “All Night Contemporary Art Thing”, Nuit Blanche, takes place on October 2, 2010 from 7 pm to 7 am.

Agnès Winter, Monument to Smile, 2007. Image: hustlerofculture.com

It should be good, with a great lineup of curators, each of whom will curate a section of downtown. We have high hopes for McMaster’s choice of The Open Ended Group, Anthony Kiendl’s choice of Dan Graham (!!) and Christof Migone’s choice of French artist Davide Balula, in particular.  And we’re sure Toronto boy Darren O’Donnell (of Haircuts for Children fame) will not disappoint.

And the curators are:

1. GERALD MCMASTER from the AGO will curate the area in and around Yorkville, from Yonge Street to Avenue Road.

The artists McMaster features include French artist Agnès Winter and New York’s digital artists The Open Ended Group (Paul Kaiser, Shelley Eshkar and Marc Downie).

The Open Ended Group, still from Upending: Dizzy. Image: openendedgroup.com

2. ANTHONY KIENDL, Director of Plug In in Winnipeg, will curate the west side of Yonge from College Street to Queen Street West. His exhibition includes a new collaborative work by Leah Singer and Lee Ranaldo of the band Sonic Youth, and a new work by the excellent New York conceptual artist Dan Graham.

It’s not a piece by Sonic Youth (it’s their album cover by Raymond Pettibon) but it’s pretty cool, no?
Image: artfagcity.com

3. SARAH ROBAYO SHERIDAN, co-director of Mercer Union, will curate the east side of Yonge from Gerrard Street south to Queen Street West. Sheridan will be working with the United Kingdom’s Ryan Gander and VoCA favorite, Toronto’s Darren O’Donnell, among others.

Ryan Gander, installation view of Heralded as the new blac, at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK.
Image: ikon-gallery.co.uk

4. CHRISTOF MIGONE from the Blackwood Gallery, will curate the Financial District, straddling Yonge Street from Queen Street to Front Street. Migone’s exhibition features artists such as France’s Davide Balula and Halifax artist Michael Fernandes.

Davide Balula, Heartbeat Exciter (Stimulateur cardiaque), 2006. Recordings of human heartbeats at different speeds sending magnetic charges into the plants. Image: pietmondriaan.com

For more on Nuit Blanche, please click HERE. Stay tuned as more details are revealed closer to the date, and for VoCA’s picks of the best things to see.

2 Responses to “Nuit Blanche Toronto: Curators & Artists Announced!”

  1. Emelie says:

    Yes, while all of these curators are good, it is too bad that Nuit Blanche cannot be a place for independent curators to do their thing. Why are they all affiliated with already existing art spaces? Is it because Nuit Blanche won’t take any risks and must choose people that are already accepted in the art establishment?

  2. Nicholas Brown says:

    Hey Emelie, that’s a good point but weren’t a bunch of the curators last year independents? If I’m not mistaken, 3 out of 4 of the curators (Thom Sokoloski, Greg Elgstrand, and the pairing of Jim Drobnick and Jennifer Fisher) are unaffiliated with art spaces. Jim and Jennifer are in academe, but not connected to art spaces. But you’re right, this year it’s a big institutional presence. Funny how it swings from one pole to the other.

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