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A Massively Massive Party at the AGO

Artistic Director and Toronto man-about-town Bruno Billio took control of this year’s Massive Party, the 6th annual fundraiser for the Art Gallery of Ontario, which took place last night at the Frank Gehry-designed space. Jon Sasaki’s installation. All images: VoCA The AGO has got a new Young Patrons group, AGO Next, many of whom were there last night. Judging by
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VoCA Asks for Your Advice

Ok, ok people, you pummeled VoCA for THIS post, with many comments… Tell VoCA what you want. Image: Some agreed, saying “I feel like this this revulsion I’m experiencing is the desired effect: Trecartin would endeavour to highlight contemporary culture’s more outlandish aspects by combining them all into one loathsome beast” and “bad taste, as well as bad technique
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The Demise of Quality in Craftsmanship

It’s interesting to note, in light of Ryan Trecartin’s films and exhibitions such as the New Museum’s Unmonumental in 2008, that luxury goods makers have come together to lament the loss of quality in craftsmanship seen in recent years. Celine’s resort collection, 2010. Image: “All young people want to be designers and very few, makers. We want to try
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Easter in International Klein Blue

Image: VoCA