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Barbara Kruger at the AGO

Now’s a good time to check out the Art Gallery of Ontario again.

Part of Barbara Kruger’s billboard on the facade of the AGO. Image: VoCA

You can take in Barbara Kruger‘s magnificent billboard that lines the front of the gallery, (done for CONTACT photography fest, which in on throughout May.) The billboard reads LOVE IT-SHOVE IT-PRAISE IT-PLEASE IT-DOUBT IT- SHAME IT-BLAME IT-KISS IT-BUY IT-BELIEVE IT.

One of Brian Jungen’s popular masks.  Wait, is he winking at me?  Image: ivarhagendoorn.com

Also, tomorrow night, hear a public talk by Vancouver artist Brian Jungen, (he of the Nike sneakers-turned-aboriginal-masks.) Jungen is the 2010 winner of the AGO’s Gershon Iskowitz Prize.

Another shot of Kruger’s billboard. Image: VoCA

Another shot of Kruger’s billboard. Image: VoCA

For more info from the AGO’s website, please click HERE.

One Response to “Barbara Kruger at the AGO”

  1. bd says:

    I realize this is a an art piece… but I’m really getting offended by the AGO using the glass canopy to display stick on ads like for King Tut, it is so ugly and really cheapens the building. Why pay a massive amount of money for a major star architect only to cover the building with stick on ads. The reflections of the street below in the canopy is one of the best features of the front of the new AGO.

    As for this piece, I find it remarkably boring, but I do like the way it uses the entire canopy.

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