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Art School: Dismissed

It’s well known – in the art world, at least – that many artists support their careers by teaching.

It has also become popular for artists, collectives and independent curators to mount exhibitions in abandoned spaces.

Johanna Householder, video stills from installation in the Principal’s Office. Image: courtesy Heather Nicol

Curator Heather Nicol has created  a three-day installation and performance-dominated exhibition, on May 14, 15, 16.  On view, will be installation, video, dance, music and performance work made by art educators, at the decommissioned Shaw Street Public School in Toronto.

Ed Pien, Memento 2009, Installation view (not part of the exhibition). Image: edpien.com

Art School: Dismissed costs $8 ($5 for artists, students and seniors), includes a café, and a chance to see work by some of the city’s most interesting artists, including John Armstrong & Paul Collins, who also have a very nice piece up at MOCCA until the end of May. The two have established a successful artistic collaboration, long distance, with Armstrong in Toronto and Collins in Paris.

It will probably be worthwhile to check out what artists-slash-teachers including uber art educator Pamila Metharu, Ian Carr Harris & Yvonne Lammerich, Johanna Householder, Carlo Cesta, Gwen Macgregor, Paulette Phillips, Ed Pien, Monica Tap, Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak are up to, and to discover many more, like Gordon Hicks, whose work involves 100 kilos of plasticine.

Steele and Tomczak, Getting Younger. Image: steeleandtomczak.com

Click HERE for all the info you need to know, including opening hours and performance times.

Oh, and if you’re there on Saturday, you should swing down the street to the Clint Roenisch gallery, where Dutch artist Marcel Van Eedens’ work is on view, and from noon – 4 pm Julia Kennedy’s Cafe Coco will be serving Lone Lake grilled trout sandwiches with green garlic tartar sauce, radish salsa and grilled sweet onions with “bloody” beet slaw on the side, for $10.

Mmmm…See you Saturday.

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