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Maria Fernanda Cardoso: Emu Wear

Check out my article in this month’s issue of Azure magazine, on the incredible Emu feather concoctions by Colombian artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso.

One of Maria Fernanda Cardoso’s Emu Wear pieces. Image: ifoundsometreasure.com

Cardoso decided to investigate the Emu – the Australian, ostrich-like bird – as a way of relating to her new homeland, Australia. She began with feather sculptures and ended up with sculpture-like cloaks and hats that work as a kind of camouflage for the wearer.

Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Sea Horse Circle, 2003. Image: mariafernandacardoso.com

A butterfly wing piece by Cardoso. Image: shannou.com

Her work is truly amazing for the way she explores and exploits the possibilities of material, and her website will take you through incredible images from her early work with water and vinyl to stunning sculptures from concrete tubes, to installations made from dirt-filled nylon stockings, to her insect works.

Cardoso’s Emu wear, more conceptual camouflage than fashion item.
Image: hautecouturetaxonomy.com

Her excellent, fascinating website is HERE. Check it out!

Click the thumbnail below to view my piece in Azure:

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