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Empire of Dreams: Toronto Artists on view at MOCCA

Alex McLeod, Twilight Terror, 2010. Image courtesy MOCCA.

We’re looking forward to this Saturday’s opening of the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art’s summer exhibition in Toronto. Titled Empire of Dreams: Phenomenology of the built Environment, Contemporary Artists from Toronto, it will be on view from June 19 to August 15, 2010.

Prepare for much debate and derision, as is always the case when a local institution decides to highlight a group of local artists. Nevertheless, it’s healthy for the art scene to celebrate (some of) its own.

This group exhibition features the work of artists that MOCCA’s curators feel are “some of the city’s most active and
vital”, including Dan Bergeron (who did some cool wall imagery at the under-construction Brickworks in Toronto), music artist Joda Clément with Nigel Craig, Liam Crockard, Dorian FitzGerald, Sara Graham, Alberto Guedea Zamora, David Han, Janet Jones, Yvonne Lammerich, Tristram Lansdowne, An Te Liu, Samina Mansuri, Alex McLeod, Jade Rude and Bruno Billio, Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak, T&T (Tyler Brett and Tony Romano), Josh Thorpe and David Trautrimas.

An Te Liu, Cloud, 2008. Image courtesy MOCCA.

We are especially looking forward to seeing how Josh Thorpe, Sara Graham, Samina Mansuri, Jade Rude and Bruno Billio and Steel & Tomczak’s work has been curated.

For more information, please click HERE.

6 Responses to “Empire of Dreams: Toronto Artists on view at MOCCA”

  1. Andrea says:

    An ok show, but I didn’t love the curating. Josh Thorpe’s work, for instance was lost among all the large scale pieces. The video installation/car was good, as was the changing scale of works, so the audience was looking up to and down upon cityscapes. But the digitally manipulated photos of buildings, while nice, seemed sort of basic in the show. I think the curators should not have limited themselves to Toronto artists…

  2. Jade Rude says:

    Hi there Andrea.
    Thanks for mentioning the show on your blog – cool!
    Pls link my website jaderude.com.


  3. Jade Rude says:

    Oops! – didn’t mean the above suggestion to be POSTED on your blog. So sorry. Meant it as a personal email.

    Anyway – now that I am on this open forum: the exhibition’s mandate was Toronto specific. That’s that.
    Read about it: http://mocca.ca/media%2Dcentre/20091123%2D134/


  4. AC says:

    Hey Jade, I thought yours and Bruno’s piece was one of the more successful pieces. An interesting collab!

  5. Bill says:

    I really enjoyed the car/video piece, as well. Also, as far as artists I’d not heard of before, I quite liked the paintings by Janet Jones. They made me think of stills from the film Metropolis.

  6. DDM says:

    better late than never..saw this in June after the opening.
    my interest in art, architecture and cities was further tweeked, with great works through the show, Sara Graham, T&T, the wonderful car piece, Damian’s painting, Kim & Lisa’s great videos, which I found slowly moved you into the cities, texts and all…I thought this curation was quite excellent, intriguing for sure. Thanks MOCCA

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