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Canadian Stage, Meet Canadian Art

Last week, we attended a cocktail party in honour of the new director of Canadian Stage (CanStage) – Matthew Jocelyn. He has just announced his programme for the 2010-2011 season in Toronto, and it sounds FANTASTIC.

Merce Cunningham dancers performing against a backdrop by Robert Rauschenberg.
Image: nytimes.com

I spoke briefly with Mr. Jocelyn, who is interested in encouraging multidisciplinary artistic collaborations a la Merce Cunningham/John Cage/Robert Rauschenberg.

Artistic and General Director of CanStage, Matthew Jocelyn. Image: businessforthearts.org

We spoke about artists like David Rokeby, whose work we think would take particularly well to the stage.

A digital composite assemblage from Rokeby’s Sorting Daemon, 2003. Image: flong.com

So the upcoming season features some exciting things, not least of which is The Andersen Project, by Robert LePage and Untitled, by Quebec choreographer Edouard Lock, which is a La La La Human Steps production.

Motion studies by Eadweard Muybridge. Image: nicholasspyer.com

Also, Studies in Motion: The Hauntings of Eadweard Muybridge looks interesting.

Please click HERE for more information and the full lineup.

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