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From Commenting to Contributing, via Berlin

I came across THIS link from the art:21 blog today – in it, Anna Milandri talks about what’s been going on, art-wise, in Berlin recently.

Baby Ghost From the 1900s Says Beat It With Your Chain, 2009, by Berlin-based Montreal painter Wil Murray.

New York’s Triple Canopy put together six evenings of art-related discussion, including one titled “Print and Demand” in which several publications, including Berlin’s 032c(a great issue, btw) and Vancouver’s Fillip, where they discussed the changing nature of print and online publishing.

It seems that some intriguing ideas came out of the discussion, including the idea that readers – and particularly commenters with something to say – should consider contributing.

I agree, and I welcome contributions from regular commenters on VoCA. Whether you agree with my posts or not, it’s the only way to get a real dialogue going among this community of readers. Of course, I’d be happy to feature perspectives other than my own.

Just send me an email at carsonandrea@hotmail.com, with “VoCA” in the subject line.

The article continues, describing how the online art publications and even bloggers think of their projects as “curating spaces” which can affect “community building” – no matter where these communities gather, on or offline.

It’s something that I’ve also been thinking a lot about lately. To that end, VoCA will soon begin posting photo spreads of art that I come across in my daily life….

Stay tuned.

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  1. kat Citroen says:

    I was born in Berlin but grew up in Canada and now work in both places. I’ve had a couple of shows in Berlin and what I like about working with the artists over there is that there is a lack of specialness. There is a lot more innovation when it comes to turning something ordinary into a venue, and also a more receptive public in sharing spaces with artists for exhibition purposes. There seems to be a real sense of joy and fun in finding some whacky venue. Now if there were a few more Euros changing hands it would be perfect. On the other hand, who knows…

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