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Julian Schnabel at Toronto International Film Fest

I saw Julian Schnabel introduce his film Before Night Falls, about the Cuban novelist Reinaldo Arenas when it had its North American premiere at TIFF in 2000; the artist and filmmaker shuffled up onto the stage in his bathrobe and slippers and gave a highly entertaining Q and A.

Artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel. Image: salon.com

This year, he’s back – for his upcoming show at the AGO, which opens September 1st – and will introduce his Carte Blanche selection, which is Hector Babenco‚Äôs film Pixote (1981), about child criminality and survival in the Brazilian slums and Before Night Falls. Schnabel will introduce both screenings, which will be followed by a discussion.

Surely, a screening and talk not to be missed. If Schnabel is an excellent artist, he is surely an equally excellent filmmaker.

Schnabel’s film Before Night Falls. Image: wikimedia.org

IFF Cinematheque
Julian Schnabel Carte Blanche
Thursday, August 26, 7 pm

Babenco’s Pixote. Image: amazon.com

This is sure to be a good draw at TIFF. Buy tickets HERE

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